Sebe Emmelot — Visual / Performance Artist

Editorial Illustration

Een greep uit mijn illustratiewerk voor diverse media uitingen zoals o.a. NRC Handelsblad/Next, De Standaard, Het Parool en IllustrationDaily.

Self-censorship in Brussels, EU destroys on large scale internal correspondence, NRC

'Euthanasia Dilemma Dutch Doctors', NRC

Upcoming psychotherapy with MDMA, NRC Handelsblad

The Gap, essay about the increasing social inequality in the Netherlands, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

Story about a convicted judoka for child abuse and how to deal with live afterwards, NRC Handelsblad

'Yolo, prevention youth radicalisation in Brussels, essay Opinion page De Standaard

Europe’s hypocrisy against Guantanamo Bay, Opinion page, NRC Next

Amsterdam’s problem with revolving door criminals, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

The case of IS bride Laura Hansen, NRC Handelsblad

Iraq, The Big Lie, Opinion page, NRC Next

Public shaming on social media, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

Generation Y, The Doubts That Kill The Dreams, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

The Catholic Cover-Up, Essay Maarten 't Hart, NRC Handelsblad

The danger of using imams in Dutch mosques trying to reach jihadist youth, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

Racism in Belgian police department, Opinion page, de Standaard

Increasing problems with mentally ill people living in regular neighbourhoods, NRC Handelsblad/Next

The fading colour of the social democrats in The Netherlands (PvdA), Het Parool, Opinion Page

Lobby industry European Parliament, Economy page, NRC Handelsblad

The nursing home industry, Opinion page, NRC Handelblad

The Deathwish, Euthanasia Debate Belgium, Opinion page, de Standaard

A Family History, short story by Franca Treur, NRC Handelsblad

‘The Blue Apple’ Essay Umberto Ecco about the urban future of Europe, Opinion page, newspaper NRC.Next

The problematic reintegration of convicted pedophiles, Opinion page, NRC Handelblad

The man behind Johan Cruyff, essay about new biography Johan Cruyff, NRC Handelsblad

Syria, short graphic story, Opinion page, NRC Next

Graphic story about commercial vlogging, het Parool.

Sexonomy, graphic novel series about the sex industry worldwide, episode ‘Geneva’, Economy page, NRC Handelsblad

Sexonomy, graphic novel series about the sex industry worldwide, episode ‘China’, Economy page, NRC Handelsblad

Sexonomy, graphic novel series about the sex industry worldwide, episode ‘Indonesia’, Economy page, NRC Handelsblad

Insufficient working culture within Dutch youth court, NRC Handelsblad/Next

Discussion about ‘Fair Share Tax’ in Belgium, Opinion page, newspaper ‘de Standaard’

Srebrenica, the end of Dutchbat, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

The succes story of second generation turkish immigrants in Western Europe, Opinion page, de Standaard

Coptic Christian Crisis Egypt, NRC Next

The Netherlands, the over-regulated nation, Opinion page, NRC Next

'Take care (of business)', De Standaard

Brexit, NRC

‘Attack of the Machines’ Essay about the fear of technology, Opinion page, NRC Handelsblad

Hikikomori, Japan’s lost generation, Opinion page, NRC Next

'Ethnic Registration', NRC

'Filosophy in elementary school', De Standaard

'Overregulation in the Netherlands', NRC

The dangers of probiotica. NRC Handelsblad

Upcoming personal data analysis in health care, NRC Handelsblad

'In Fed We Trust' NRC/De Standaard

‘China Crash’, de Standaard